Urulakku Upperi | Monday – Friday @ 8.30 | AmritaTV

This is not the story of one family. This sitcom brings you some funny and interesting stories of a group of families. This serial shows us how the transformation from join families to single entities disintegrated our society and how that made us independent too. Though the serial is presented with comedy as the main ingredient, it also depicts some tearful moments in life that make it complete in all sense.
Though we have described it a little bit seriously, it is actually simple, very simple, and that is ‘Urulakkupperi’

ഇത്തിരി കുറുമ്പും ഒത്തിരി തമാശകളുമായി
ഇതാ ഒരു ഉരുളക്കുപ്പേരി കുടുംബം.

നമ്മുടെ സ്വന്തം അമൃത ടി വി യിൽ .മറക്കാതെ കാണുക !

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