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Father Knows Best Show “New Year’s Sitter”

Father Knows Best was radio show during the 1950s and 1960s. It portrayed an idealized vision of middle-class American life of the era. Father Knows Best is still enjoyed as American radio and television family sitcom, nostalgic tv and radio show. A total of 203 episodes were produced until it made a debut on television in 1962.

“Father Knows Best,” with Robert Young as father, is an Old Time Radio Situation Comedy, broadcast during the early to mid 50s. Depicting the ‘typical American’ household, the radio show had a strong following and it went on very successfully to television as tv series, becoming as popular as a 1950s and 1960s B/W TV sitcom, as was its radio counterpart! (NBC & CBS)

The popular radio show comes to life in this hit sitcom about a bumbling family man, Jim Anderson, his common-sense wife Margaret and their children Betty, Bud and Kathy. Whenever the kids need advice on anything at all, they can always turn to their father, because father knows best!

Primarily sponsored by Maxwell House Coffee…. “Your father thinks it’s the best (coffee), and ….Father Knows Best!!” Enjoy!

Jane Wyatt (Margaret Anderson)
Robert Young (Jim Anderson)
Billy Gray (Bud)
Lauren Chapin (Kathy)
Elinor Donahue (Betty)


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