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Kundali Bhagya written update

Kundali Bhagya Written Update


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Kundali Bhagya 27th
Episode begins with Janki arrives to Luthra house and informs about Sarla’s arrest. Preeta and Sristy gets worried for Sarla and keep asking questions to her about the arrest. Janki says that’s why she is here to question Sherlyn because she is the one who brought Police with her to their house to arrest Sarla. She holds Sherlyn’s hand and tells her to come to the Police station with her to withdraw her wrong complaint. Mahira releases Sherlyn’s hand from Janki’s grip and asks why she is behaving like this.  Rishab interferes and asks Sherlyn that why she gave complaint against Sarla.

Sherlyn says he always trust others over her that’s the reason she even hided her pregnancy from him. He tells her to look at her own actions before judging him and asks her to answer his question. She says Sarla tried to kill her child by mixing poison in the laddu that’s why she gave compliant against her. She says her health is not fine but here no one cared about that and trusted Sarla over her even though she is their daughter in law. Karan says she consumed poison but it didn’t proved that laddus had poison.

Sherlyn says Preeta also not well because she ate that laddu. Mahira says she trusts Sherlyn even though no one believes her but she should have waited for report. Sherlyn says what’s the need of report when that’s just the formality but she knows the truth already and says Mahira is fine because she didn’t eat the laddu which Sarla brought. Janki says she become mad and asks why Sarla will send poisoned laddu for her daughter’s sargi. Karan asks why Sarla will put Preeta’s life in danger.

Sherlyn says she is not even understanding why need to explain everything and says Sarla would have informed Preeta already about poison but she had two laddus that’s why she fainted. Kareena takes stand for Sherlyn and says Sarla did drama earlier now Janki doing and says she was silent because Dadi asked her to wait for the report that’s not mean she didn’t trust Sherlyn and tells them to not ask or say anything to her.

Sristy says Sherlyn trying to gain sympathy with fake tears and she is putting wrong allegations against Sarla and says she send her to jail with proper planning. Preeta thinks Sarla needs her now and leaves for Police station before anyone notices her. But Mahira notices her and says Preeta is responsible for whatever happening with her now and says soon she will send her permanently out of the house. She informs Ramona about Preeta and says she is really happy seeing Preeta like this.

Preeta meets Sarla and says she trusts her. Sarla says she knows that her daughter won’t misunderstood her and will understand that Sherlyn doing this. She says she had lot of dreams for Preeta’s Karwa chauth and tells her to go back to house. Sherlyn says Sristy and Janki insulting her but Rishab not saying anything to them. They realises that Preeta is missing. Mahira says Preeta left to meet Sarla and he heard her talking to Sarla and she said their plan got successful. Karan ignores her and was about to go to Preeta.

Mahira asks why they are not believing her when she is telling the truth. Doctor informs Luthra’s that report is positive and there is poison in those laddus. Sherlyn runs towards her room saying no one believed her. Mahira follows her. Karan says something is wrong. Rishab agrees with him. Kareena asks how can they still believe Sarla and tells Sristy, Janki to leave the house and says Sarla will get punishment for her crime.

Episode ends.

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Kundali Bhagya



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