Have you always wanted to get started in game development? Here’s your chance to learn how to create games from the ground up, using C++ and DirectX. Learn about the game loop, input detection, applying basic shaders, state management, and more. With these skills, you’ll be building the engine, not just the game—and you’ll up-level your employability options with AAA companies at the same time.

Full course outline:

Mod 01: Introduction and Getting Started
Mod 02: What DirectX Can Do and Creating the Main Game Loop
Mod 03: Creating, Texturing, and Moving Objects
Mod 04: State Management
Mod 05: Capturing User Input
Mod 06: Physics and Collision Detection
Mod 07: Adding AI and Other Extras to the Game

–Preparing to Make a Game
– Picking the Right Tools
– What is Needed to Start
– What’s New in Visual Studio 2013
– Capabilities of DirectX 11
– What’s New to DirectX 11
– The IFrameworkView and your App
– The Basic Game Loop
– The Update Stage
– The Rendering Stage
– Things We Should Know
– Creating a Mesh
– Manipulating an Object
– Rendering a Mesh
– Creating More of the Same
– What are States and State Machines
– How To Implement Them
– Our Demo Implementation
– Aggregating Input From Multiple Sources
– Capturing User Input
– Applying User Input
– Planning What you Need
– Planning your Approach
– Common Pitfalls
– Simplifying it Down
– Implementing Physics
– Assessing what you need
– Common Pitfalls
– the Basics of an AI Agent
– Stepwise Implementation
– Tweaking It
– Wrapping Up



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