DUNE 2021 Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Sequel News, Review And Reaction. We review, recap and explain DUNE. The 2021 movie is packed with lots of call backs to the book and we also discuss what could be happening in Part Two.

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0:00 Dune Breakdown Intro
0:30 Dune Part One Breakdown
2:24 Spice Explained
2:54 Paul Origin Story And The Bene Gesserit
3:30 Star Wars Similarities
4:04 The Gom Jabbar
5:17 Why Paul Is Special
5:32 Dune Part One Plot Recap
7:35 Dune Ending Explained
8:28 Muad’dib
8:40 Part 2 Book Story
11:15 Review

Dune is now here and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the movie, talking about what happens next and also giving our thoughts on it as a whole.

Probably gonna get some heat for my review but we’ll get into it and obviously there will be heavy Spoiler here. If you enjoy the breakdown then please hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this each and every day.

With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into DUNE.

Ok so something that was kept from most of the marketing is that Dune is actually part one. The movie isn’t a self contained story and Denis Villenueve has stated in interviews that he’s taken the first book and broke it up into two parts.

Because of this the movie very much ends at the mid point of the initial story but due to it’s closeness to the source material, we can pretty much guess what’s gonna happen next. I kinda wanna go through the plot and explain it with bits from the book in as I know a lot of people are lost on the inner workings of it but if you wanna skip ahead to what happens next then timecodes will be linked below.

Now even before the Studio logos come in, the movie starts with a caption saying that Dreams are messages from the deep. This is a paramount thing throughout the movie and we slowly watch as the prophecy foretold in dreams starts to unfold in the movie.

We pick up on the desert planet Arrakis and learn of spice, the Freman and evil House Harkannon from a local there named Chani. Played by Zendaya, she narrates how the planet was been harvested for it’s rare and valuable minerals by the house and her people were oppressed because of it. This was decreed by an overseer known as The Emporer who eventually withdrew the Harkannons from the planet and in their place he put the House Of Atreides which is pretty much the family that we follow in the movie. The Emperor very much sees the Atreides as a future threat and thus he sends them to the planet to make sure that they’re snuffed out before they can rise up against him.

Initially many members of the Harkonnen see this as an act against them but as their leader Baron Vladimir explains, it’s not an act of love. The Emporer conspires with the Harkonnen to bring ruin to the House and the Baron becomes the main antagonist in this first film.

Now Chani asks in the opening who the next oppressors will be but the Atreides, or what’s left of them,  end up joining with the Freman at the end of the movie which somewhat makes the Emperor’s fear become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now I wanna talk about Spice and why it’s so valuable. It’s the most priceless and elusive substance in the universe and not only does it provide interstellar travel for the Imperium but it also prolongs people’s lifespan. Spice is difficult to get because giant Sandworms patrol the planet and they attack anything that makes too much of a noise, including the production vehicles.



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