Host Barkha welcomes the King of comedy Actor Paresh Rawal on the sets of Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe and a funny moment takes place between Bharti and Actor Paresh Rawal later, Action star and the original Khiladi of the Indian Film Industry, Actor Akshay Kumar as Modern God arrives in his rocking and specially designed Chopper made by Vardenchi with a ‘Mukut’ on his head and also succeeds in convincing Bharti that he is the real God and speaks one of his favorite dialogue from his upcoming film ‘OMG’ Oh My God’. Krushna and Sudesh creates a humorous atmosphere and makes everybody’s belly itch. Later, angry Sudesh decides to break his relationship with his partner Krushna and Krushna too agrees by saying that he does not know him and to add more fun to the act Siddharth a Yamdoot jumps in to resolve their fight. Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal praises Krushna, Siddharth and Sudesh for doing the act so well. In the next act, Mantra is playing a role of Dev who decides who will go to hell and who will go to heaven and Purbi as his Secretary handles the job of pouring Rain on earth and to add more fun to the act Rajeev as Common Man comes up with his never ending problem. Kapil as Senapati gives a solution to Mumbin who is playing essaying a role of a Maharaja as all their soldiers are on leave during the war and Sargun as Maharani rock the stage with their humorous act. In this act, Akshay Kumar gives a funny comment to Bharti as Maharani later, Bharti as Maharani gets angry on Vikas as Rajkumar as Rajkumar was more interested in War instead of gorgeous Maharani who was having Bath in the middle of the jungle and Siddharth as Maharaja runs for Bharti as Maharani’s rescue. A rocking dance performance takes place between Akshay Kumar and Bharti in which Actor Akshay Kumar lifts Bharti and also tell her that she is too heavy than Wrestler Undertaker. Paresh Rawal praises Bharti, Siddharth and their partner Vikas for performing the act so well.

There are 7 wonders in the world and Comedy Circus is the 8th.. CC has survived for 5 years where NO OTHER comedy show could survive for that long… The set has glimpes of the 7 wonders of the world and the 8th being the show artists perfoming on that stage.. which is why they are the AJOOBAS of comedy Circus…



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