Watch the video review of new Malayalam AmazonPrime OTT released movies ColdCase and AanumPennum combined in this single video. #AmazonPrimeVideo

Both movies released on last Wednesday 30th June 2021.

ColdCase is a supernatural thriller film directed by PrithvirajSukumaran and AditiBalan in lead roles. The film potray a combination of Horror and thriller elements together as a case and at the end finding out the killer and their intention is the climax. #ColdCase #PrithvirajSukumaran

Aanum Pennum movie explores the woman – men relationship and it covers the woman empowerment, feminism. It is an Anthology film which has three segments of Love , Romance and Betrayal. This film stars ParvathyThiruvothu
AsifAli , JojuGeorge , IndrajithSukumaran , SamyukthaMenon , RoshanMathew ,
DarshanaRajendran composed by DawnVincent . #AanumPennum


If you want to watch AanumPennum Movie Review which is the second part of the video alone drag directly into (3:46 ) . #AanumPennumReview


Music credits: Desert Paradise by kyon

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