Bollywood Actresses who Look Hot in Saree

Deepika Padukone :- Deepika looks stunning in saree. She herself confessed that she loves to wear saree in every special occasion. She never thought twice to wear saree even at Cannes Red carpet. After marriage she is always seen in sarees with her husband Ranveer Singh.

Alia Bhatt :- Alia always prefers to wear saree as she looks very elegant in this attire though she is not seen in this traditional attire very frequently. Whenever she wears a saree, she looks like traditional Indian beauty.

Sara Ali Khan :- Whether it is western or traditional, Sara looks always hot and classy. This young actress loves to wear her mother’s saree in every special occassion

Janhvi Kapoor :- Janhvi loves her mother Sridevi’s saree as she thinks she looks best in her mom’s saree. She looks exceptionally beautiful in this classy look.

Sonam Kapoor :- Sonam is seen mostly in western but she is equally gorgeous in saree. She has a special love for sarees. Being a fashion icon in bollywood, she is famous for her experiments with the sarees.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan :- Aishwarya knows very well how to flaunt in saree! She looks absolutely amazing whenever she drapes any kind of designer saree.

Kareena Kapoor :- Is there any doubt that Kareena looks so hot and sizzling in saree? At the age of 40, her flawless beauty gushes in this traditional attire.

Kangana Ranaut :- Kangana is very particular about her wardrobe as she has a huge collection of traditional sarees. This actress looks very charming and sizzling in saree.

Katrina Kaif :- Katrina looks adorable in Saree. She has a unique charismatic beauty that shines through this traditional wear very much.

Anushka Sharma :- Anushka always prefers to wear saree in any wedding and events. She looks simply hot and hot in saree. Anushka has always managed to pull the saree look very elegantly with her smart choices.

Priyanka Chopra :- Saree can never make someone looks this much hot as it does with desi girl Priyanka. Having the hot curves and perfect shape, Priyanka carries her sarees like no one.

Vidya Balan :- Saree is Vdiya’s style statement. This beautiful actress looks so classy yet hot in saree. She prefers to wear saree in every occasion. From designer sarees to traditional saree, Vidya is one of the rarest actresses who carry herself effortlessly.

Kajol :- This actress confessed that she looks hot and sexy in black sarees. She has a special weakness for designer and exclusive sarees.

Sonakshi Sinha :- Sonakshi’s appearance in saree is always a talk of the Btown as her hot curves flaunts in saree. This actress carries saree so gracefully that we can’t take our eyes off from her.

Jacqueline Fernandez :- This foreign beauty carries saree like any Indian woman and she looks absolutely stunning in this traditional dress.

Shilpa Shetty :- Shilpa maintains the perfect body and curves to look stunning in saree. When we talk about sarees, there is no doubt that we love her exclusive sarees! She looks so hot in this traditional wear that she is seen in sarees most of the time in events and functions.

Madhuri Dixit :- This traditional beauty looks so beautiful in saree. Madhuri’s beauty and glamour flaunt the way she drapes it.
Malaika Arora :- Malaika looks so hotter in saree than any other attire. She loves to wear exclusive and designer sarees.

Rekha :- Evergreen beauty Rekha is deeply in love with her sarees! At 65, she looks adorable and graceful in her all traditional sarees.

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