#Biriyaani is a malayalam movie Written, Sound designed & Directed by Sajin Baabu, starring Kani Kusruti, Shailaja Jala, Surjith Gopinath, & Anil Nedumangadu.

The movie chronicles the life of Khadeeja, a married muslim woman confined within the four walls of the household, forced to conceal her desires in the name of religious and societal norms.

Biriyaani has participated in more than fifty film festivals around the world and has won several prestigious awards, including best actress at the BRICS competition of Moscow International Film Festival, NETPAC award at the Asiatica film festival, Rome, Jury Prize at the Bangalore Film festival etc.

kani Kusruti was awarded best actress by the Kerala state government in 2020 for her performance in Biriyaani.

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