TOP 10 WORST TV SHOWS of the 1970s

Get ready for some Guilty Pleasures. Everyone loves watching a bad movie now and then. Like being unable to tear your eyes away from a car wreck, there’s something fascinating about watching a film go up in flames. A terrible tv show, on the other hand, is a different situation entirely. That requires you to commit every single week to watching something awful, which is kind of like circling around the block to drive past that car wreck again and again and again. So while bad movies live on in the cultural zeitgeist, terrible tv shows are often immediately forgotten. Which is where your friends at Doyouremember come in. I’m Nostalgic Nick, and today we’re takin’ a drive down memory lane to fondly remember the hot messes that were some of the most terrible tv shows of the 1970s. If you enjoy our salute to the best of the worst, please Be sure to hit the thumbs up icon for us, and subscribe to the channel for even more, but now, on to the awful!

TOP 10 WORST TV SHOWS of the 1970s
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