The Ideal Wife. Russian Movie. StarMediaEN. Comedy. English Subtitles

On Valentineโ€™s Day, a good angel makes dreams of love come true, but often with a sense of humour! Oleg, who is looking for the ideal wife, suddenly finds himself having to choose between three women โ€“ a housewife, a businesswoman and a blonde bombshell. On the other hand Dima, who is disillusioned with life, finds happiness with Olga, a plain-looking receptionist.

And so it was on that day, not only Dima and Oleg had the miraculous opportunity to see the world afresh. Their friends, neighbours and even strangers experienced the same strange metamorphosis as love suddenly entered their lives too.

Type: film
Genre: comedy/fantasy
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by:Vladimir Yankovskiy
Written by:Galina Sal’garelli, Elena Serova
Production designer:Aleksey Chertovich
Director of photography:Vadim Poteev
Music by:Sergey Zhdanovich
Producers: Vladimir Tsukanov , Vlad Ryashin
Premiere:24/12/2007 (Russia), 09/12/2007 (Ukraine)
Cast: Elena Biryukova, Andrey Kuznetsov, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Galina Pol’skikh, Vladimir Nosik

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