Hot Couple Cam Show - Funny Hot Couple Goals 2017 | Funny Comedy Series [ep3]

Hot Couple Webcam Show – [ep3] Funny Hot Couple Relationship Goals – Comedy Superstar Jason Sereno finds YouTube life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be in episode three of Hot Couple Cam Show (a sexy comedy series). Jason isn’t the best youtube vlogger or even a top youtuber – but he IS a person on youtube, and deserves respect.

Cody Renee Cameron is a sexy model, Hollywood actress and the basis for their cute couple status, but the evil dog she’s taken into their home is causing their youtuber relationship goals to go south. Will they go the way of so many doomed youtuber couples before them or realize their relationship goals of seeing Ratt live and making the world a better place for little rat dogs?


Cody Renee Cameron
Jason Sereno

Jason Sereno is a writer and director, who specializes in satirical short films that combine comedy, social commentary, absurdism and adventure. videos have been featured on CNN, SportsCenter’s Top-Ten Plays, Yahoo! and dozens of TV shows that license quality content. Subscribe for experimental comedy that challenges its audience.


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