Comedy Ka Badsshah - Hasegaa India - Ep 4 - Love Special

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COMEDY KA BADSSHAH is a comedy programme. It features Raju Srivastava, Rakhi Sawant and some other contestants from Laughter Challenge.
It includes jigs by Raju, chatter by Rakhi, a small skit featuring Rakhi and a comedy competition between two participants ,whosoever wins competes with other new participant next week.A combination of spoofs, gags and stand-up comedy show with Raju Srivastav is bound to be rib-tickling. A popular fellow comedian will join Raju in an entertaining tete a tete. To add some more excitement to the funny proceedings will be a glamorous guest from the world of showbiz each week that will just not be a mannequin on display but be part of the comic caper. There’s more to this funny business. Every week two new comic talents will be pitted against each other to vie for the crown of the β€˜king of comedy’. Raju along with the celebrity guest and the guest comedian will judge the winner who will be the roll-over contestant in the next episode to be pitted against the next new comic talent the following week.
Comedy Ka Badsshah – Hasegaa India is not just another comedy show. It means serious business. It offers a platform for talented youngsters with a flair for tickling the funny bone to showcase their talent.
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