Bollywood Jobs , How can I become an actor if I have no experience?

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I will tell you the steps to follow.Clicktivism” vs. “real” activism – everybody needs to just sit down. |  Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

  1. Complete your education as a 1st priority when nothing works right in life then education will help you.
  2. Never keep acting on your 1st priority, always keep acting on 3rd priority after your Family/Education and Work otherwise at later stage you should be a part of suicide like Sushant Singh Rajput and many more others, so don’t trouble to your family later, mind this.
  3. Never join acting line for Fame, Money, Sex or Friends Recommendations, 95% chances is there for your failures, So don’t chose this field for above points, Chose this field only if you have natural interest.
  4. Try to convince your parents but never leave them for this Unsafe Field, Decide your plans and see the result later.
  5. Go and join any reputed Acting classes not a fake and unrecognized class, If you have money problem then do job and later join any Reputed weekend class but dont waste your time and money on fake Classes, Take a help from Mentors/Google and chose a good Classes/School.Clicktivism” vs. “real” activism – everybody needs to just sit down. |  Emily L. Hauser - In My Head
  6. Join any Theatre and continue your passion by adjusting your time table, take your own efforts.
  7. Now if you started to work on your passion after 20’s then no problem, go and join any Good Job after getting graduate, Job will give you decent money, and this money will help you to run your family, to buy costliest clothes and Accessories, Travelling and Food Expenses during struggling period for auditions, Gyming and Proteins, and also for so many other things, Money will help you to survive in Costliest Metro City like Mumbai otherwise don’t see any dream. Now if your family are supportive and helping you since childhood then still improve your skills and do hard work on your studies and passion both, skipping education is a stupid choice don’t do this, after turning 18 you will get the result don’t worry on it.
  8. Visit Production houses once in a week or as per your free time on Saturdays (Weekly Off session) and put your efforts, If you have only Sunday Holidays then adjust your weekday at any Particular day for nights between 7 to 9 pm.
  9. Never listen to any Stupid established actors suggestion when they say “leave acting and do a daily job” if they seriously feeling unsafe in films then y the hell they are working in this industry? This is just a trap which they are using to reduce acting competition to stay safe, don’t involve on it.
  10. Leave the negativity “i have to work only in Bollywood” if you are good at regional language then work on it, otherwise at later stage you will never have regional as well as Bollywood with you.
  11. As a Girl its easy to survive in acting line because they gets plenty of helps from Tharki/Good people who expects a relationship/greed from them, I also had seen so many Acting Classes provides them free training sessions, as well as many boys helps them to ride with them in their own 2/4 wheeler vehicles to reach at Production Houses. But as a Boy its very difficult to remark in film industry, Nobody will offer you free trainings for acting and also nobody will offer you for 2/4 wheeler for travelling’s, So boys never gets depend on anyone just do your own handwork nobody will help you for any case, trust me, so take your own risks and efforts.Clicktivism” vs. “real” activism – everybody needs to just sit down. |  Emily L. Hauser - In My Head
  12. Stay away from fake production houses who asks money for registration fees or something else, No one gives any work after taking money.
  13. Once you enter in acting industry then adjust your 4 or 5 days of monthly Serial/Film work with your job by fooling your managers, if you gets 20 to 25 days of busy work luckily in Serial/Film then i don’t know how can you deal with your job, So make a better plan for better future, don’t ask me this in comment, i will never suggest anyone to quit job, at future your mentors will help you don’t worry.
  14. After earning good income source and once you successfully remark in this field, try to invest your money on business (especially boys) Because in business you can adjust your time tables for acting, in job its not easy as we all think.

Benefits of Business :-

  • You will stay busy and will respect your both time and money.
  • You can handover your work to Business Partner/Wife or Parents/Managers and can continue your dates in acting line.
  • You will hardly face money problems later because now your business is helping you to give money.
  • Nobody will taunt you for your acting passion coz now they really knows you are doing a daily work on your business and handling good to your family.
  • Less chances of facing depression and anxiety because you are totally busy on your daily work.
  • Family will accept you because “Money Hai Toh Honey hai” hope so you got my points.
  • Nobody will call you Nikkama/Aawara and also now you don’t need to beg for money with anyone. If you don’t have a films in hand then at least you are having work at your hand to stay busy.Clicktivism” vs. “real” activism – everybody needs to just sit down. |  Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

15. Society will accept you once you stay busy for a month, otherwise nobody will give you shit if you starts to sit at home for remaining days by working with only 5 to 10 days in a month, it will create a severe depression which can injure your mental/physical health in future, in a Acting field even Superstar SRK also not safe in last 10 years, but he have a huge respect just because he is established and busy on his business/other income sources. Siting at home will create hate ratio also later onwards for your Parents/Sibblings/Wife and Kids, so don’t do joke with life, Be Always Safe. In a Society a girl is always accepted if she decides to sit at home with her hobby, but a boy never be accepted so try to stay busy in Acting, if No then atleast stay busy with your other income sources.

16. It takes plenty of time to remark in TV but your efforts will give you work don’t worry, Get ready to accept any kind of roles, Learn to deal with personal problems to stay active for 4–5 days schedule to 20–25 days schedule every month, but yes i said above in 2nd point don’t make this field on 1st priority.

17. Never show your negativity in auditions in front of strugglers/employees, it will increase your problems more, so dont do this, after remarking yourself in acting be a pleasant and calm in nature, increase your contacts more with casting directors and work hard, and always stay away from negativities.

18. Don’t listen about stupid’s who says you don’t have looks quit this field, there is no. of roles are available for all personalities so put your efforts.

19.Once you become Successful Actor never forgot to those who helped you in bad days, otherwise curse will make your life hell.Clicktivism” vs. “real” activism – everybody needs to just sit down. |  Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

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Clicktivism” vs. “real” activism – everybody needs to just sit down. |  Emily L. Hauser - In My Head
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